What if? - A Workshop to Reimagine the Future of AI Chatbots

Friday, December 8, 2023
11 – 1PM

What if we design AI chatbots that center humanity, not profit? What if we create an AI that furthers our imagination instead of flattening it? What if we encourage people from all walks of life to make chatbots from different perspectives, instead of attempting to create ONE super AI that pleases all?

In this online workshop, artist Carrie Sijia Wang invites you to reimagine the future of AI chatbots in a series of participatory activities. Utilizing a simple chatbot making template provided by the artist, participants will mock up their own “ideal AI” that represents their values, thoughts, and/or visions for the future.

The workshop aims to encourage participants to co-construct a clearer understanding of conversational AI, and empower them to engage in critical conversations around how AI technologies continue to take shape.

:: Created in collaboration with More Art, and as part of The Working Artist Fellowship at Pioneer Works .

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