Unwrapped 2: Confessions of a Chorus Boy

Wednesday, December 20, 2023
8 – 9:30PM PST

“Unwrapped 2: More Confessions of a Chorus Boy” continues the story Joe Gregore Duffield started with his first San Diego show “Unwrapped: Confessions of a Chorus Boy” in December 21, 2022.

Through stories and song, you’ll discover an epic love story that rivals that of Romeo & Juliet. The story of Frank and Josefina is an inspiring tale of two people who fall in love, conquering many obstacle, facing incredible odds in the backdrop of The Philippines. Their struggles and hardships, joys and triumphs brings them to the United States in hopes of the American Dream with their two sons.

One of those sons is Joe Gregore Duffield. Growing up as a young “fresh off the boat” immigrant in the Untied State has it‘s challenges, especially if you are GAY.

What effect did Frank and Josefina’s love story have on Joe? Find out!

Presented by Musical Director Aaron Turner.

This event is a fundraiser for the Maui Food Bank to help those who were affected by the Maui wildfires!