“Très Mort –Tremor” with Vangeline Theater and Celeste Sloman

April 29 – May 2, 2015
11 – 9PM

Vangeline Theater is pleased to invite you to the New York Premiere of “Très Mort –Tremor”, April 29 through May 2nd, 2015.

HOWL! HAPPENING AN ARTURO VEGA PROJECT presents“Très Mort –Tremor” with Vangeline Theater“Très Mort –Tremor-” is a project conceived by Butoh Artist Vangeline in collaboration with photographer Celeste Sloman.Part photo exhibition, video portraits and live Butoh installation,“Très Mortexplores the world of facial tremors induced by Butoh. Our face is a mask underneath which lies a world of contradiction and mystery made manifest by involuntary muscle contractions.HOWL! HAPPENING AN ARTURO VEGA PROJECT 6 EAST 1st Street NYCWednesday, April 29th through Saturday, May 2nd Gallery Hours : 11am-6pmLive butoh performance with Vangeline Theater: April 29th through May 2nd at 7pm Join us April 29th for opening nightFree and open to the public

Très Mort on facebook This immersive installation features photographs of Vangeline Theater Butoh dancers, as well as a one-hour video portrait of our dancers going in and out of “Butoh State”. Between 7pm and 8pm, the exhibit will be accompanied by a live Butoh performance with dancers mixing in with the crowd, in civilian clothing, transitioning from a neutral state into Butoh, then back to neutral. This project is a wonderful opportunity for audiences to experience Butoh in a less formal and distanced setting, and to show Butoh’s essential process without the distance of the stage and makeup. The un-costumed live Butoh performance is like “peeking under the hood of a car; audiences get to see the intricate, muscular, mechanics that create illusions”.(Dance Enthusiast)



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Vangeline Theater