The Radical Cinema of Kijū Yoshida

December 1 – December 8, 2023

Running from December 1 to 8, “The Radical Cinema of Kijū Yoshida” presents the most comprehensive collection of Yoshida’s work ever presented in the United States. Each screening in the series will be showcased on 35mm film. Among 16 films, this series will present Yoshida’s renowned political trilogy, highlighting pivotal moments in 20th-century Japanese history: his masterpiece Eros + Massacre; Heroic Purgatory, a complex exploration of an atomic engineer’s revolutionary past; and Coup d’état, a captivating portrait of the infamous militarist Ikki Kita.

Tickets are currently available for General Public $17 / Members $12 / Students, Seniors, PWD $14, and by using the code [OKADA], you can enjoy a discount of $5 on all ticket purchases.