Sensing Woman

September 27 – October 1, 2022

Art has been known to heal in the act of seeing and creating. Sensing Woman is a pop-up exhibition hosted at C24 Gallery from September 27 - Oct 1st focused on raising money for The Center for Reproductive Rights, but also on starting a conversation, healing, motivation, and more. Featuring World Shifting Ideas and Presenters in Culture, Media, Medicine, and Law In Media, in Law, in Culture, in Art, in Medicine:

We are at a new threshold of equity and it’s not without struggle. Connect with ideators and leaders changing the story of life in a female body. Sensing Woman ignites a new kind of conversation, amplifies our collective energy, and raises funds for organizations working to ensure body sovereignty and women’s health. We invite you to join us for a week-long celebration of sensuality, sexuality, and life in a woman’s body, with groundbreaking artists, provocative speakers, and celebratory experiences. Every day, collectors and artists can engage with the works in the gallery, and with one another. Join in daily programming and evening experiences to widen your lens, and relate your own stories. Our mission is to raise funds, and awareness, for reproductive rights.

Sensing Woman is a gathering to shift minds and hearts, featuring 50 contemporary visual artworks, and programs spanning culture, medicine, and governance on the female embodiment.