sarAika contemporary dance WORKSHOP // affordable & for community

Wednesday, October 26, 2022
10 – 12PM

In this class, sarAika will share their discoveries and analysis of the use of the body through a warm-up that focuses on increasing the space of the joints while stretching. Followed by exercises that contain floor work foundation, changing dynamic of the body and the music & awakening of self awareness of the relationship between body and space. After that, sarAika will guide a dynamic and fluid choreography, which includes fundamentals and discoveries taught during the warm-up. The class ends with a guided improvisation that aims to let all the participants combine their dance knowledge with the new information absorbed during the class.

60min ->
WARM UP: opening/awakening joints & stretch
FLOOR WORK PHRASE: foundation and practical use of the body
STANDING PHRASE: dynamic change of weight, musicality, awareness of self-out space

45 MIN->
CHOREOGRAPHY: artistic development combining information of warm up
and exercises

15 MIN->
GUIDED IMPROVISATION : let the information land on your body