sarAika company classes // contemporary dance beg-inter

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Date: November 1st (Tue), 10:30am-12.00:pm
Location: 100 Grand (100 Grand St. #2 New York, NY 10013)

Contemporary - beginner/intermediate
Maitlin’s class will focus on the use of our body’s natural rhythms and musicality while working on moving with intention and authenticity. Class begins with a warm-up of stretching, strengthening, and breathing. Then moves through different improvisational works and choreography.


Warm-up: set the tone/intention for the class and our movement, stretch and strength warm up.
Basic Exercises: Exercises in the center emphasizing isolations, use of weight, suspension and opposition. Across the floor work focusing on musicality, weight, and self expression.
Improvisation work finding different accents and textures.
Choreography: phrase work to exemplify different qualities worked on throughout class and to show individuality within the work.
Cool down, focusing on centering ourselves and reflection of work.
Maitlin Jordan is a full time New York City-based teaching and performance artist.
A graduate of the University of South Florida and rigorous Limon Professional Studies program in New York City, Maitlin was hand-picked by the artistic director, Colin Connor, of the Limon Dance Company to perform as a guest artist during the Limon Dance Company’s 2018-2019 season. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Maitlin has performed at venues such as: The Joyce Theatre, Aaron Davis Hall, Dance Theatre of Harlem, The Tank, Triskelion Arts, among many others. She is presently working with choreographers such as: Kathryn Alter, Colin Connor, Bridgit Stanton, Sandra Robbins, sarAika movement collective and several others. Her improv work can be seen in various videos for musical artists, and showcases such as Dance Astoria, Calling All Magic, and L TRAIN Production.

Alongside her own performance career, Maitlin is currently on faculty as a modern, Contemporary, and Jazz teacher at Dance Matters NYC, leads the Dance Education Program at the Academy of the City Charter School, and has set award-winning choreography for several dance studios along the east coast.

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