Sarah Chien Recess

Monday, January 27, 2020

Sarah Chien and Caitlin Cawley are interested in the radical elevation of joy and playful curiosity as a form of future-making. Both classically trained in their respective disciplines, they’ve come together to embrace the adventurous spirit and inherent risk-taking of improvisation. Using Cawley’s classical and found percussion as an installation, they will create a unique sounding environment for both artists to inhabit. Boundaries dissolve as every element in the space– from a dancer, to a cymbal stand, to the wood itself– is invited to serve as performer, architecture, support, and sounding element. While each artists maintains the rigor of their crafts, they are able to invite each other to shift and shape the environments within which they play. Expect the unexpected in this third iteration of their experimental dance and music collaboration.

$12 (Cash-only tickets are also available at the door!)