OFFICE HOUR by Julia Cho

November 17 – December 3, 2017

New York Premiere


Written by Julia ChoDirected by Neel Keller

Playwright Julia Cho (Durango, The Language Archive) returns to the Public with a taut new drama about a teacher and student desperate to change the narrative of who they are and how their story ends.

Gina was warned that one of her students would be a problem. Eighteen years old and strikingly odd, Dennis writes violently obscene work clearly intended to unsettle those around him. Determined to know whether he’s a real threat, Gina compels Dennis to attend her office hours.

But as the clock ticks down, Gina realizes that “good” versus “bad” is nothing more than a convenient illusion, and that the isolated young student in her office has learned one thing above all else: that for the powerless, the ability to terrify others is powerful indeed.

Neel Keller (The Nether, Forever) directs this inventive, penetrating new drama about a single day that could end in tragedy or hope – and the endless possibilities in between.

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