Mohsin Hamid—'Discontent and Its Civilizations'

Monday, February 23, 2015
6:30 – 8PM

The internationally bestselling Pakistani author Mohsin Hamid now brings together a selection of his nonfiction, written from vantage points in New York, London, and Lahore, where he has variously lived over 15 years, in the provocatively entitled collection Discontent and Its Civilizations. Subtitled Dispatches from Lahore, New York, and London, these collected essays reflect on life, art, and politics from 2000-2014, with musings on topics ranging from writing, migration, fatherhood, and the Pakistan arts scene to drones, religion, war, and being regularly stopped at airports. Whether Hamid is discussing courtship rituals or pop culture, drones or the rhythms of daily life in an extended family compound, he transports us beyond the scarifying headlines of an anxious West and a volatile East, beyond stereotype and assumption, and helps to bring a dazzling diverse global culture within emotional and intellectual reach. Followed by a book sale and signing.

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Asia Society