「輕聲歌唱:咒語」策展人普通話導賞 / Mandarin Curator-Led Tour - Cantando Bajito: Incantations

Monday, June 17, 2024

參與展覽策展人高穎琳(Kobe Ko)帶領的「輕聲歌唱:咒語」普通話導賞團

Join exhibition curator Kobe Ko for a Mandarin guided tour of the exhibition Cantando Bajito: Incantations.

關於策展人/ About the Curator

高穎琳是一位獨立策展人、藝術家,她曾擔任Para Site藝術空間的助理策展人(2021至2023)以及大館當代美術館的藝術教育及美術館統籌(2019至2021)。她曾策劃 《香港與福岡的日常——當代藝術考現學》(art space tetra,福岡,2023),《後人類敘事》系列(牛棚藝術村及香港醫學博物館,香港,2020至2022),鄺鎮禧個展 《PS 備註》(Para Site,香港,2023),李鈺淇個展《碎心碎片迪斯可球》(MOU PROJECTS,香港,2023)以及《社區藝術實驗計劃——週街展》(九龍城街道,香港,2013及2014)等等。

高氏的藝術作品從她的親密關係和個人感覺出發,主要關注距離和邊界的重新想像,她曾參與聯展《缺口長出了尾巴》(老虎巖雙年展,香港,2023)及《歷時迴聲》(香港兆基創意書院展覽廳,香港,2023),雙人展《Over the ocean, over the sea》(Current Plans,香港,2022)等。她畢業於香港教育大學創意藝術與文化學系,並在台灣世新大學獲得性別研究碩士學位。她目前往返於香港和台灣生活與工作。

Kobe Ko is an independent curator and artist, and formerly worked as Assistant Curator at Para Site, Hong Kong (2021–2023) and Art Education and Gallery Coordinator at Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong (2019–2021). She has curated Everyday Life in Hong Kong and Fukuoka: The Study of Contemporary Arts and Kougengaku (art space tetra, Fukuoka, 2023), Post-Human Narratives series (Cattle Depot Artist Village and Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, Hong Kong, 2020–2022), Kong Chun Hei’s solo exhibition PS (Para Site, Hong Kong, 2023), Florence Yuk-ki Lee’s solo exhibition Broken heart pieces disco ball (MOU PROJECTS, Hong Kong, 2023), and CHOW KAI CHIN Community Art Experimental Project (Kowloon City, Hong Kong, 2013 & 2014), among others.

Ko’s artworks depart from her intimate relationships and personal sensation and mainly focus on the re-imagination of distance and boundaries. She has participated in joint exhibition The Tailed Scar (Tiger A®m Strong Biennale, Hong Kong, 2023), duo exhibition Over the ocean, over the sea (Current Plans, Hong Kong, 2022) and more. She graduated from the Department of Creative Arts and Culture of the Hong Kong University of Education, and received an MA in Gender Studies from Shih Hsin University in Taiwan. She lives and works in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


This event is presented as part of the gallery exhibition Cantando Bajito: Incantations on view now through August 10.