"HEARTMIND Exhibition -- Closing Event at Pearl River Mart"

Sunday, January 9, 2022
4 – 6PM

The HEARTMIND exhibition at Pearl River Mart Gallery ends on January 9th, so make sure to check out this inspiring collection of contemporary Asian American artworks. It is a free exhibit and the gallery is open from 11AM-7PM everyday.

We will be having a final open house on January 9th from 4-6PM to celebrate the exhibit. We’d love to see our Chinatown neighbors and friends come together in appreciation for all the wonderful work on display. Bob Lee will also be there to answer any questions about the collection. For more details about the exhibit, visit www.thinkchinatown.org/aaac

The title HEARTMIND is inspired by conversations between the curators, the presenters, and Lee, specifically about Sung Ho Choi’s collage of a Chinese character, which engages what Lee calls the “heartmind” of Asian Americans. The work depicts the character 心 , which in simplest terms translates into English as “heart,” but in Chinese means so much more — feeling, thinking, center, core — and often all at once. (You might have notice that 心 is in T!C’s Chinese name as well!)