Elizabeth Pisani — 'Indonesia, Etc.'

Monday, December 15, 2014
6:30 – 8PM

Join writer and social activist Elizabeth Pisani for a discussion of her latest book Indonesia, Etc. with journalist Margaret Scott, New York University. Followed by a book sale and signing.

Elizabeth Pisani’s lively portrait of the beautiful and diverse country of Indonesia examines this far flung nation while probing for the common threads that bind it together. Having lived and worked in Indonesia for 25 years as a journalist, epidemiologist, and public health advocate, Pisani took a sabbatical in 2011 and traveled 26,000 miles around the archipelago. In this wide-ranging account she interweaves insights into Indonesia’s history, culture, religion, politics, and the daily lives of the diverse peoples living across the archipelago. Pisani is an astute observer, an adept conversationalist, and an eager cultural explorer who makes friends wherever she goes. Along the way, she shares her deck space with pigs and cows, bunks down in a sulfurous volcano, and even takes tea with a corpse. Her experiences and observations form the basis of this thoughtful and entertaining book, Indonesia, Etc., as well as a lively and informative blog: indonesiaetc.com.

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