Asian American Film Thing

Tuesday, May 28, 2024
7 – 9PM

AN ASIAN AMERICAN FILM THING is a celebration of Asian- American filmmakers by screening their shorts (films! Not pants!) There will be an array of narrative fiction, docs, animation, music videos, sketches, and experimental films. You will also get to hear what the filmmakers have to say about their work. AND, there will be a musical treat at the end! PARTYYYYY!!!!

Hosted by Angel Yau and Pratima Mani, this event wants to focus on shorts that show Asian- Americans in power, in a light that Hollywood usually never portrays them in. This night will explore Identity and the power of visual storytelling.



Michael Cruz Kayne (Late Show with Stephen Colbert, renowned storyteller and comedian)
Charlene Kaye (Ars Nova, renowned actor and musician)
Dennis Kim (Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, renowned magician)
Angel Yau

Angel Yau is a comedian, storyteller, actor, and filmmaker from Queens, New York. She started her comedy career (unintentionally) in high school when she ran for school council. From then she knew how to laugh at herself. She founded “Asian American Film Thing”, an all AAPI film show where filmmakers are encouraged to show Work in Progress and “Shoes off, Mouth off” an all AAPI storytelling show. She is also proudly in the musical comedy group, AzN PoP! Angel’s festival-winning stop-motion animations are where she explores her childhood in comedic but heartfelt ways dealing with solitude, rejection, and alienation. Angel was recently featured in a BBC short documentary on being a comedian dealing with mental health.

Pratima Mani

Pratima Mani is a three-time Emmy nominated comedic writer and performer based in New York City, currently writing for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. With roots in NYC’s live comedy scene, she has written for the likes of Upright Citizens Brigade Theater’s Maude Night, Reductress and The Belladonna. She’s an alum of Spotify’s “Sound Up” US podcast bootcamp for women of color and is currently screening her short film “Stitched” on the festival circuit.