ACP Live Presents: Jaime Sunwoo

Thursday, August 6, 2020
7 – 8PM
In collaboration with Queens Council on the Arts’ Artist Commissioning Program, Flushing Town Hall will present two virtual showcases of works in progress.
The first is Jaime Sunwoo’s “Specially Processed American Me,” featuring SPAM, the famous canned meat, in a surreal performance that explores the artist’s Asian American upbringing and her family’s experience of the Korean War. The second work in progress will be Marcus Yi’s “Lucky 88 The Food Court Musical,” inspired by the food courts of Flushing.
The virtual events will take you behind the scenes with the key players, including the Flushing art commissioners that selected this work and local partners that make the community thrive. Both works, selected by a group of art commissioners who are community members of Flushing, tell untold stories that highlight underrepresented protagonists. The completed works will premier this fall as part of FTH at Home.