There is Always Sunshine On The Stage

December 9 – December 17, 2023

The Sunshine Theater Group is on a quest for the perfect play to commemorate their 50th anniversary — possibly their final performance due to financial challenges. Life brings forth a variety of narratives from different individuals, but yet their unique tales ultimately converge toward a collective story - “The People’s” story. Often overlooked even within the AAPI community, these stories need to continue living. This play aims to celebrate and preserve the plurality of humanity. Centered on authenticity and cultural stewardship, the play embodies a sense of hopefulness. By re-telling these stories genuinely, their narratives can be reclaimed from time and history’s erasure, ensuring the people are heard and respected.

Playwright / Director: Patrick Lee

Cast:Francois Lam, Robert Zhu, Raphael Thomas, Wing Lo, Ken Zhou, Christine Kuang, Tammy Ching, Amanda Hon, Vincent Tong, Johnny Ho, Leo Chui

Producer:Theresa Pang
Set Designer:Luke Gong
Lighting Designer:David Lee
Art Director:Kapo Ng
Music Director:Tinki Yu
Stage Manager:Stacy Huang