Production Manager


Columbus, OH 43215




Apr 15, 2023

The Production Manager oversees and manages all aspects of the Production Department. They work closely with artistic staff, designers, choreographers, technicians, and other artists to bring each production to fruition in all phases from planning to performances.


Work in conjunction with all designers, choreographers, and Artistic Director on the successful creation of all new works.
Lead the production and creative teams in ensuring that every show, be it a black leg rep, a remount, or a world premiere is held to the highest artistic standards.
Oversee each production from conception to closing. Monitor and communicate closely with all crew heads during all phases of the design, build, tech and show run process.
Ensure that all necessary production and equipment rentals for each show have been acquired.
Work in conjunction with General Manager to create and administer the production budgets, purchases, hiring and work schedules, making best efforts to execute all work within budget and on schedule.
Supervise all union and non-union production employees, with a strong focus on fostering continued growth and professional development in all areas of technical theatre production.
Maintain a working knowledge of BalletMet’s I.A.T.S.E agreement and other local union agreements. Take an active role in maintaining a good working relationship with I.A.T.S.E. Local 12.
Maintain a working knowledge of BalletMet’s AGMA agreement as it pertains to the Production Department.
Ensure that all production time sheets are processed in a timely manner.
Take a proactive role in the rental of BalletMet productions and services to other organizations.
Ensure the repair and maintenance of all production equipment and production show inventories, with an emphasis on preventative maintenance allowing for BalletMet repertoire to be remounted and rented in the long term.
Ensure that all appropriate artistic staff needs for rehearsals, such as audio and video recordings, rehearsal props, floor markings, etc., are provided in a timely manner.
Ensure the maintenance of all studio equipment including floors.
Collaborate with other BalletMet departments, as instructed by the General Manager, to ensure that production needs are met for all BalletMet programs.
Take an active role in all department meetings and lead them when appropriate.
Ensure that clear, legible and accurate records of all BalletMet Productions are created and maintained.
Be a leader in creating and maintaining a good working environment throughout the entire organization.
Other duties as assigned.
Maintain confidentiality.
Take part in maintaining a clean, healthy and safe work environment.
Contribute to the overall success of BalletMet by maintaining productive and professional relationship with staff, company members, guest artists and the public and approach duties with a positive attitude.






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Dance, Theater

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