Production Manager

Boston Lyric Opera

15 Channel Center Street, #106
MA 02210




Sep 27, 2022

Boston Lyric Opera is seeking candidates for the Production Manager. The Production Manager is responsible for planning, implementing, and managing the production needs and resources for the company’s programs, including, but not limited to mainstage productions, site-specific productions, digital productions, and a variety of events both in person and online. Production Manager ensures all programs are within given resources and realizes the artistic goals of the company. They maintain ownership of the advance planning, staffing, and execution of all productions and events. The Production Manager serves as the primary point of contact for production personnel, production crew, venue management, and Technical Director (TD). They are responsible for the BLO warehouse, all inventory, co-productions and rental productions. The Production Manager has the discretion to resolve or recommend for resolution unforeseen circumstances that occur during the season.



Ensure all production departments have the resources they require to execute the season

Develop and execute staffing plans for production/project execution

Research and coordinate equipment and services related to physical production materials and labor, including but not limited to construction, acquisition, trucking and logistics purchase, rental and transportation of all sets, costumes, wig/makeup, props, lighting, sound and video equipment, and production and technical equipment for all programs

Oversee vendor and construction shop relationships and work

Develop and maintain production and technical schedule

Attend design meetings, production meetings, and BLO staff meetings; coordinate and lead meetings as needed

Liaise with stage management in advance of the production period and throughout the rehearsal and performances

Procure working CAD drawings of performance venue

In collaboration with Senior Director of Artistic Operations, develop season schedule

Work closely across the Artistic & Production Department to prepare and execute all technical and production needs related to artistic personnel and orchestra

Negotiate, manage, and administer all co-production and rental agreements

Prepare all touring, co-production, and rental technical and production documentation

Lead feasibility analysis of design plans of potential productions

Oversee production permitting and certification needs for all programs

Participate in assessment and procurement of viable rehearsal and performance venues

Collaborate with Sr. Director of Producing Operations on current and future season planning and administration.

Project manage digital projects; coordinate recording, filming, editing, mastering, etc. to deliver assets by agreed upon deadlines.


Manage and supervise a series of direct and indirect reports, including union and non-union personnel at multiple locations, in the areas of stage management, props, stagehands, construction labor, electrics, audio, video, costumes, wardrobe, wigs/makeup, etc. Delegate to the Technical Director as appropriate

Determine labor call times and personnel requirements for various work calls; Place all Union work calls with IATSE and fulfill non-Union staffing needs.

Obtain employment forms and timesheets as needed. Review production/technical payrolls per the schedule laid out by the Art/Pro Payroll/Account Associate.


In collaboration with the Senior Director of Artistic Operations, develop season budgets.

Manage individual production budgets, expenses and timelines.

Develop and maintain union and non-union labor projections.

Obtain competitive costings for all production elements of expenditure.

Regularly communicate any and all forecast related information to payroll

Participate in reconciliation of settlement statements, credit card statements, and invoices


In the absence of a TD, coordinate overall TD responsibilities and tasks to advance productions and programs

Lead the team in solving unforeseen circumstances during the production process.

Provide onsite visibility along with Sr. Director of Producing Operations and Acting General Director at rehearsals, performances and events to be a BLO representative

Oversee all warehouse activity; maintain accurate and detailed inventory; manage preventative and responsive maintenance on stock as needed

Prepare/maintain internal production records and archival media, document operations.

Recommend technology upgrades based on necessity and feedback from production departments.

With Senior Director of Producing Operations, liaise with performance venue management and personnel

With the Senior Directors of Administration and Artistic & Producing Operations, fulfill insurance requirements

Provide management and oversight of production health and safety requirements; identify and recommend modifications to facilities and processes as necessary

Manage COVID plan and policy development; ensure compliance with all COVID restrictions for all production and artistic personnel

Work Location(s) 

BLO Main Office, Remote Work, Warehouse, Rehearsal Halls, Performance Venues; Meetings in and around Boston.


7-10+ production management experience

Familiarity with installation projects

Must be able to handle advancing production while implementing current projects and productions

Understanding of theater scheduling, working with multiple departments to find best solutions

Clear, effective written and verbal communications skills

Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

Ability and desire to show exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of work

Ability to communicate with and effectively organize large groups of people.

Experience working in a union setting, preferably IATSE.

Ability to manage a large workload over a short period of time