President & Chief Executive Officer- The Hobby Center for Performing Arts

Arts Consulting Group

Houston, TX 77002




Apr 06, 2022

Position Summary
The President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will provide strategic leadership and community engagement as The Hobby Center continues its exciting path forward. The CEO will be the organization’s primary spokesperson in advancing its public image and increasing brand awareness regionally and nationally. The CEO will actively engage in the cultivation and stewardship of donors and foster authentic, collaborative, and meaningful relationships. Partnering with resident companies and other organizations throughout the Houston community and nationally, the CEO will advance programmatic and operational goals with clarity on how those initiatives also embed equity, diversity, and inclusion in an organization that exists in one of the most diverse cities in America. The CEO will work with the board and experienced staff members to expand access, leverage earned revenues, increase contributed revenues, and evolve education and community engagement programs while overseeing cost-effective management of human, financial, and technological resources.

Role and Responsibilities
Strategic Vision and Organizational Leadership

  • Create and implement a strategic direction that recognizes the effectiveness of the current business model and leverages its strengths.
  • Envision and implement an entrepreneurial approach that also honors traditional business models that are low-risk and high impact.
  • Manage the activities of the organization in a manner that results in excellent business decisions and allows the leadership team independence and responsibility.
  • Understand the demographic trends of Houston and identify a course of action for projects and programs that are engaging and accessible.
  • Amplify equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility as a key factor in future audience development, board participation, and workforce vibrancy.
  • Consider venue utilization, capacity, and opportunities for growth in presented programs, partnerships, and rentals.
  • Cultivate strong relationships with current board members and develop strategies to identify, cultivate, and recruit more diverse professional and cultural perspectives on the board.
  • Convey relevant, concise, and timely information to the board so it can fulfill its policy, decision-making, and community ambassadorship responsibilities.
  • Engage an effective organizational structure, policies, system controls, and procedures that support the resiliency of the business model.
  • Oversee marketing, public relations, and communication strategies to expand a clear identity and reputation for The Hobby Center regionally and nationally.
  • Embrace other strategic vision and organizational leadership responsibilities, as needed.

Public Visibility and Community Engagement

  • Embody the role of primary spokesperson, working with the board, staff, and other stakeholders to communicate goals, mission, vision, and values to local and national audiences.
  • Ensure that The Hobby Center’s amenities, including food, beverage, parking, and others create the highest-level customer experience.
  • Embrace a community engagement process that focuses on a mission-based approach in achieving a dynamic vision.
  • Develop and enhance relationships with key strategic partners, cultivating relationships with and connections between government agencies, the media, arts organizations, and funding partners.
  • Collaborate with Houston First Corporation in supporting its efforts to promote Houston as one of the great cities of the world.
  • Build alliances and deepen relationships with other artistic, educational, and civic organizations.
  • Engage with educators, schools, and districts to strengthen the alignment, focus, and quality of educational programs.
  • Extend the reach of The Hobby Center to augment its on-site programs through online, social media, and digital offerings.
  • Lead conversations around equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility with a deep awareness of engaging the vibrant community that The Hobby Center serves.
  • Collaborate with community influencers, government officials, and arts advocates in attaining beneficial community impacts.
  • Embrace other public visibility and community engagement responsibilities, as needed.

Financial Planning and Team Leadership

  • Recommend staffing structures, guide succession planning, facilitate employee retention strategies, and maintain an environment where diverse individuals are valued and appreciated.
  • Balance available human, financial, and technological resources with staff capacity and output to maintain measured growth.
  • Identify, cultivate, and secure support from foundations, business partners, corporate sponsors, and major individual donors to broaden funding sources.
  • Collaborate with and guide the board in its fundraising role, supporting its efforts to attract new donors in all giving categories.
  • Oversee budget development, monitoring, and reporting that is timely and ensures that board members are regularly apprised of the organization’s fiscal health.
  • Leverage institutional knowledge, skills, abilities, and cultural competencies of the team to achieve common goals.
  • Mentor an experienced team of professionals who deliver high-quality experiences expected by audiences and artists alike.
  • Embrace other financial planning and team leadership responsibilities, as needed


Traits and Characteristics
The CEO will be a customer-oriented, highly interactive professional who is resourceful in the effective mobilization of human, financial, and technological resources. A team-oriented collaborator, the CEO will be actively engaged in the community and engage with an array of arts organizations, business and community leaders, and donors as a visible leader in the Houston community. The CEO will be flexible and adaptable in recognizing the strengths of a solid business model while navigating the changing landscape of the arts and arts education. Intuitive and diplomatic by nature, the CEO will recognize, respect, and promote diversity in all forms and will balance internal priorities with external opportunities.

Other key competencies include:

  • Goal Orientation and Self-Starting – The acuity to envision and develop new approaches, programs, processes, technologies, and systems that achieve desired short- and long-term results.
  • Diplomacy and Customer Orientation – The capacity to actively listen and appreciate multiple perspectives; develop and nurture positive relationships with people across racial, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds; and demonstrate sensitivity in facing challenging issues.
  • Teamwork – The ability to inspire and build trust, lead with confidence, act with integrity and authenticity, respect team members’ perspectives, and make equitable decisions.
  • Time and Priority Management – The dexterity to understand existing and evolving business models while prioritizing opportunities and responding to changing economic circumstances with specific and attainable plans.
  • Professional and Personal Accountability – The capacity to take responsibility for professional and personal actions, recognizing that mistakes create opportunities for learning and growth.

A minimum of eight years of senior management experience that includes a track record of fiscally responsible business models and strong strategic partnerships in the arts, entertainment, or other creative industries is required. A track record of increasing earned and contributed revenues with financial resiliency is expected. Exceptional interpersonal, written, and verbal presentation skills are needed. Experience overseeing food, beverage, and concession operations is a plus. Bilingual English-Spanish skills are greatly appreciated.