Call for Submissions

Lotus Letters — For Immigrants

Naya Magazine





Sep 18, 2023
Naya Magazine, an AAPI arts magazine, is opening a new project. Lotus Letters is an initiative to share the views, experiences, and advice of Asian and Pacific Islander immigrants. Naya‘s goal is to collect letters from AAPI immigrants and share them as a way of creating unity in the community. Currently, they are in the process of accepting letters from immigrants. Through Lotus Letters, they are hoping to share stories of immigrants for immigrants, and create community in the AAPI immigrant space. There is no monetary benefit or profit for Naya; Lotus Letters is simply for them to support people.


• 1- or 1.5-generation immigrant from Asian or the Pacific Islands
• English ability

Application Instructions

If you would like to submit, go to Your support will be so helpful. Naya wants to give you a platform to share the voices of those who came before to support those to come. As the highest growing immigrant population, your story will help further their reach.