Mystical Wonders Juried Art Competition

Blue Koi Gallery



Jul 28, 2023


May 09, 2023

Blue Koi Gallery is delighted to announce the call for entries for our upcoming exhibition, Mystical Wonders: A Fantasy Art Exhibition. We invite all talented artists to submit their awe-inspiring fantasy artwork, showcasing the enchanting realms of dragons, fairies, magical creatures, and mythical lands. Get ready to explore the world of fantasy through the eyes of the artists who created it!

Theme Description
The theme of the exhibition is fantasy art. We encourage submissions that depict dragons, fairies, mystical creatures, mythical landscapes, or any other imaginative elements that belong to the world of fantasy.

Accepted Media
Artists are welcome to submit artworks in any medium, including but not limited to paintings, illustrations, digital art, sculptures, and mixed media.

Awards & Prizes
The prize money for the art contest is unrestricted and can be used in any way that benefits the recipient artist.
First Prize Award | $100
Second Place Prize Award | $75

Third Place| $25
Honorable Mention Award
Selected artists will have their artwork displayed in our virtual gallery, where their creations will be admired by art enthusiasts, collectors, and lovers of the fantastical. Additionally, selected artists may also be featured on our website and promoted through our social media channels, providing them with valuable exposure.

Entry fees (non-refundable)
The entry fee is $25 for 2 pieces.
Early Bird fee until June 4th, 2023
$20 for 2 pieces
Competition Timeline
July 28th 2023, 11:59 PM Central Time | Deadline for Entries


Must be 18 years of age and older at the time of submission.
Open to amateur and professional artists.
Must be original work of submitting artist.