Chief Executive Officer- Swallow Hill Music

Arts Consulting Group

Denver, CO 80210




Apr 04, 2022

Position Summary
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) will lead all short- and long-term strategic planning to move the organization into the next stage of its exciting and bright future. Reporting to the Board Chair, the CEO will supervise and guide all aspects of Swallow Hill’s strategy, operations, programs, and performances and maintain excellent relationships with the board, donors, sponsors, audience, teachers, staff, partners, and other external stakeholders. As an innovative and transformational leader, the CEO will bring new ideas for growth in programming, partnerships, earned and contributed revenues, audience development, and digital platforms. As the primary spokesperson and external ambassador for the organization, the CEO will elevate new and underrepresented voices to better support and reflect the community that Swallow Hill serves. This individual will enhance and expand mutually beneficial relationships with organizations, foundations, corporations, patrons, and donors and extend Swallow Hill’s reach into diverse and underserved populations. The CEO will oversee Swallow Hill’s public visibility, branding, marketing, ticket sales, school registrations, fundraising, external and partner relations, and overall financial management.

Role and Responsibilities
Strategic Leadership and Innovation

  • Guide the organization’s strategic direction and maintain financial accountability in partnership with the board, staff, teachers, and volunteers.
  • Encourage and promote innovative programs that challenge the status quo and propel Swallow Hill to consider opportunities that may be outside its traditional comfort zone.
  • Develop new and enhance current business model scenarios and strategic partnerships based on effective earned and contributed revenue forecasting models with recommendations that support decision making about Swallow Hill’s finances.
  • Ensure that audiences, teachers, students, donors, and other community members have a first-class experience any time they interact with the organization.
  • Commit to a culture of respecting different perspectives while nurturing an environment of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in every aspect of the organization.
  • Transform existing systems, policies, and programs to best represent post-pandemic needs and community expectations.
  • Engage, supervise, mentor, and evaluate staff while designing a structure that promotes their professional development and supports organizational values.
  • Maintain an organization with the highest ethical standards and ensure Swallow Hill’s employer obligations, legally and ethically, are fully achieved.
  • Embrace other strategic leadership and innovation roles and responsibilities, as needed.

Audience Development and Program Partnerships

  • Build and deepen relationships with Swallow Hill partners to ensure continued vitality of partnership programming and community impact.
  • Inspire brand building, marketing, and public relations programs that achieve earned income goals from ticket sales and school registrations while enhancing Swallow Hill’s visibility, reputation, and brand awareness.
  • Develop appropriate strategic and program partnerships that deliver meaningful interactions with the diverse community that Swallow Hill serves.
  • Increase collaborative efforts with other organizations to capitalize on production opportunities that also diversify and grow participation in Swallow Hill programs.
  • Conceptualize and implement processes for reaching a broader audience through performances and educational programs.
  • Ensure the highest levels of customer service, effective audience interaction, engaging student experiences, and equitable community outreach activities.
  • Commit to a spirit of inclusion and accessibility for intergenerational students and audiences from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Support ongoing relationships and manage contract negotiations with significant partners.
  • Embrace other audience development and program partnership roles and responsibilities, as needed.

Donor Stewardship and Community Engagement

  • Devise programs to increase contributed revenues in collaboration with the Director of Development and Community Engagement to maximize Swallow Hill’s annual fundraising efforts, endowment, capital, and planned giving opportunities.
  • Assume an active role in donor identification, cultivation, and activation for new funding opportunities from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies in consultation with the board and staff.
  • Guide the board, staff, and volunteers in strategic development activities so that they can more effectively develop authentic relationships with individual major gift prospects.
  • Increase revenue from individual and institutional donors to ensure that performances and classes are affordable and accessible.
  • Embrace other donor stewardship and community engagement roles and responsibilities, as needed.

Board Collaboration and Financial Oversight

  • Identify, recruit, and orient board members who represent expanded personal and professional perspectives.
  • Envision programming with the staff that is planned timely, can be executed within the organization’s financial parameters, and serves as a beacon of inspiration.
  • Create, monitor, and report on a budget that fulfills the organization’s vision and public mission.
  • Provide support to best utilize the talents and resources of the board, including educating, engaging, and energizing board members in their role as fiduciaries, fundraisers, and policymakers.
  • Monitor cash flow and present transparent financial reporting information for board review.
  • Engage with legal counsel, as needed, in representing and negotiating contractual matters with partner organizations, agents, promoters, presenters, touring groups, ensembles, musicians, and other independent contractors.
  • Oversee Swallow Hill’s real estate and facilities, including the maintenance, safety, and functionality of its primary facility and satellite location, as well as planning capitalization needs for future maintenance and utilization.
  • Embrace other board collaboration and financial oversight roles and responsibilities, as needed.


Traits and Characteristics
The CEO will be a people-oriented and resourceful problem solver who is driven by new ideas and opportunities that yield measurable impacts and results. Motivated by a passion for Swallow Hill’s mission with a keen sense of humor, the CEO will communicate effectively in writing and easily engage with an array of teaching artists, business and community leaders, and managerial team members. The CEO will quickly adapt to various situations and be ready to navigate shifts in an ever-changing business, arts, and education landscape. Intuitive and diplomatic by nature, the CEO will recognize, respect, and promote diversity in all forms and will balance internal priorities with external opportunities. The CEO will manage internal leadership and external representation while providing collaborative leadership and ensuring a safe, supportive, and inclusive culture for all.

Other key competencies include:

  • Leadership and Influence – The ability to inspire people with a compelling vision, mobilize resources, and create a sense of purpose and direction that has significant impacts.
  • Self-Starting, Creative, and Innovative – The acuity to envision and develop new approaches, programs, processes, technologies, and systems that achieve desired short- and long-term results.
  • Flexible Planning and Organizing – The dexterity to understand existing and evolving business models while responding to changing social and economic circumstances with specific and attainable plans.
  • Professional and Personal Accountability – The capacity to take responsibility for professional and personal actions, recognizing that mistakes create opportunities for learning and growth.

Qualified applicants should have a minimum of eight to 10 years of related senior management experience in the creative industries. A successful track record of best business practices in the nonprofit, corporate, arts education, or music presenting sectors with demonstrable leadership in generating earned revenues, donor stewardship, and fiscal management skills are needed. A deep commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and community engagement is required. Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs, customer relationship management tools, and other operating systems is expected.






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