February 8 – April 18, 2020

Merging spoken word and acoustic punk rock raconteur styles,
Alvin Eng’s ‘HERE COMES JOHNNY YEN AGAIN (or How I Kicked Punk)’ explores the impact of opium on the Chinese Diaspora as well as NYC’s punk/counterculture world through the dual prisms of William S. Burroughs’ character, “Johnny Yen”––immortalized in Iggy Pop and David Bowie’s song, ”Lust For Life”––and his own Grandfather’s opium overdose on the streets of NYC’s Chinatown…..with Special Guests for each performance:

2020 Workshop Residency
Saturdays, Feb. 8, March 7 & April 18 @ 7:30pm
Dixon Place, 161-A Chrystie Street, New York City 10002

Free Admission with First Come, First Served seating
212.219.0736 / /

AND…with a little help from my friends…after the show

Feb. 8 Special Guests
For a “Lunar New Year Lantern Festival Celebration”––Billy Asai, Geoff Lee and Jun Suenaga from our old band, The Emperor’s Club, will perform “Rock Me Gung Hay” from my punk-rap musical, The Goong Hay Kid.

March 7 Special Guests
Rick Ebihara and Perry Yung, founding members of SLANT Performance Group, will join us for a “Tai Chi Dance Tribute to Lou Reed” in honor of Lou’s birthday and his late in life devotion to Tai Chi.

April 18 Special Guest
Soomi Kim will join us for a “Tribute to Iggy Pop,” who celebrates a birthday this month. Soomi recently performed her Iggy/Bowie-informed solo piece, “My Little China Girl” at Dixon Place.